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animal cage-pet cage-dog cage

Pet Cages

Supply pet cages series products, such as dog cages, bird cages, cat cages, chicken cages and so on. The pet cages shapes and specifications are various.

rabbit in rabbit cage

Rabbit Cages

Rabbit cages have many types. The materials have wood and welded wire. The rabbit cage color can be customized.

Dog Cages 01

Dog Cage

Here supply kinds of shapes dog cages. The dog carriers surface treatment is zinc coated and powder coated. The special cage sizes would be as request.

Cat Cage 08

Cat Cage

Cat cages as the cage sizes are small cat cage, double layer cat cage, large cat cage and so on.

Small BIrd Cages 01

Small Bird Cages

Small bird cages is widely used in personal birds feeding. Bird cages with various shapes and colors are perfect.

medium bird cages

Medium Bird Cages

Medium bird cages are made of low carbon wire. The bird cages color are black, green, red, etc. The sizes are various.

large bird cages

Large Bird Cages

Large Bird Cages on wheels with the rounded top in white, grey, green and black colors show here. These cages are elegant and sleek and will look good in any room of your house.

round bird cages

Round Bird Cages

Round bird cages are popular with the beautiful types and colors. Other shape of square or special are available.

breeder bird cages

Breeder Bird Cages

Breeder bird cages consists of two individual bird cages that are connected but are separated by a panel. It allows two birds to coexist for breeding purposes.

ferret cage

Ferret Cage

Ferret cages with some layers for pet, it will give the enough room for live. Ferret cages materials have galvanized wire, steel wire. The height and layers can change.

hedgehog cage

Hedgehog Cage

Find the hedgehog cages for pet hedgehog, the hedgehog cage height, shape, material and other request should be into consideration.

parrot cage

Parrot Cage

Among the quality parrot cages, we supply bird- parrot cages for small, medium and large. Ensure the parrots live comfortable.

rat cages

Rat Cages

Buy rat cages & stands from Pets at Home, the largest animal cages factory, with fast delivery and low prices. Part of the animal cage supplies range.

travel cages

Travel Cages

Travel cages are the perfect choice for animals when traveling. It is easy to carry and comfortable for pet dogs or birds.

pig cages

Pig Cages

Pig cages specifications are broad. With the enough space, the pig can live healthily.

chickens cage

Chickens Cage

Chicken cages are widely used in chicken feeding industrial with various specifications. Chicken cages have the performance of durable, saving space and easy supplying.

ducks cages

Ducks Cages

The duck cages with many small duck cage suit are used duck feeding. Single duck cage is in application of pet duck feeding.

stackable cages

Stackable Cages

Stackable cages are widely used for animal transporting with features of room save, enough room for birds or dogs. Other sizes and style are available.

wire security cage

Wire Security Cages

We manufacture and design wire security cages as customer request. The security cage style, shapes and specification can be as request.

wrought iron cage

Wrought Iron Cages

Jinyuan supply wrought iron cages. Black wrought iron bird cages are commonly used. The bird cages stands are available.

cage wire

Cage Wire

Animal cages are made of various wires, such as galvanized wire, low carbon steel wire, carbon steel wire. With the surface treatment of galvanizing, power coating. Animal cages can last long.