Top quality animal cages for protecting animal or pet

Animal cages are widely used in feeding and protecting animal or pet. In general, the cage has a chamber with cage gates and the chamber layered. Each layer has one even several cage chambers.

We supply varities animal cages including dog cages, bird cages, rabbit cages, parrot cages, duck cage, rat cage, chicken cage and ferret cages; stackable cages are also offered by us. These cages can be in all sizes and shapes, such as, large cages and medium cages, small cages and round cages. Our breeding cages are usually made of anti-acid and alkali materials, such as stainless steel, Galvanized or pvc coated wire. Beautiful wrought iron style cage with the ladders and the hammock is also available in our factory.

In addition, if you want to construct free standing outdoor flight cages (8 feet × 12 feet, 12 feet × 20 feet or larger) , we can supply welded wire mesh panels (galvanized after welding or PVC coated) constructed with 7 or 9 gauge wire.

Our each cage has its own features according to different habits of animals. All cages have good looking, strong and safe to keep the animals. Many animal cages can play a decorative role at home. They are durable, elegant, easy to apply and save space.

With our complete animal cages production line, we may assure that our cages have the good quality and competitive price. We would be glad to send our sample for you to check the quality. contact us now.

Our wire mesh cages size:
Breeding cage in silver zinc color with zinc metal tray, with an opening for a nest box on wheels for easy moving and cleaning.
Epoxy black color cage with black metal tray, 2 metal half circle roof handles, single plastic black carry handle, two doors single lock 6.0mm, all rounded corners, cage size from 65 × 45 × 50cm to 120 × 75 × 80cm.
Security cage 16 × 6ft by 8ft tall with four sides and a top, in standard 1 inch × 2 inch wire mesh, one or two doors.



animal cage-pet cage-dog cage

Pet Cages

Supply pet cages series products, such as dog cages, bird cages, cat cages, chicken cages and so on. The pet cages shapes and specifications are various.

rabbit in rabbit cage

Rabbit Cages

Rabbit cages have many types. The materials have wood and welded wire. The rabbit cage color can be customized.

Dog Cages 01

Dog Cage

Here supply kinds of shapes dog cages. The dog carriers surface treatment is zinc coated and powder coated. The special cage sizes would be as request.

Cat Cage 08

Cat Cage

Cat cages as the cage sizes are small cat cage, double layer cat cage, large cat cage and so on.


Pigeon Cage Production Requirements

Here show pigeon cage production requirements. According to the environment of the pigeon habits, suitable temperature, cleaning to make cage.

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Dog cages common size

Dog cages is that pet cages are used in dog feeding. The welded cages can be galvanized wire and stainless steel wire. The cage specifications can be as your need.

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